Aim of the Center and Activity Areas

The aim of the Center;

To conduct national and international scientific research and practices, to develop and apply projects, to establish research project networks, to conduct educational activities in the areas of medicine, pharmacology and all areas of health law in cooperation with the related departments of the University and other related institutions; to create public awareness in the areas of medicine, pharmacology and health law and to give academic and practical support.

 The activity areas of the Center are as the following;

  • To conduct fundamental and applicational research and analysis at national and international level in the areas of medicine, pharmacology and at a more general scale in every aspect of health law and health policy; to join and support such on-going activities; to cooperate with research centers, other public and private institutions that carry out activities about these subjects, to develop and conduct projects, to create public awareness,
  • To organize courses, seminar, conferences, congress, symposiums and similar activities at national and international level that focus on the developments related with its activity areas; to organize programs seminars, workshops, symposium, congress and related activities, reciprocal or non-reciprocal certificate programs, in-service training courses and certificate programs with the aim of developing individual abilities or social responsibility,
  • Academically support undergraduate, master and doctorate degrees, to make contribution,
  • To establish communication network with national and international institutions that conduct fundamental and applicational research in the areas of medicine, pharmacology and health law,
  • In accordance with the aims of the Center, to contribute to the activities of public and private institutions at national and international level; to develop common projects, in the case of need or upon request to carry out examinations and research, to prepare projects, to organize educational training programs, to provide scientific consultancy services, to  provide data banking and similar services, to provide reciprocal or non-reciprocal, academic or applied consultancy or education services to public and private institutions, real or legal persons, to prepare list of experts for purposes of recommendation for disputes regarding medicine, pharmacology and health law in general,
  • With the aim of conducting research and activities related with the activity areas of the Center productively, to establish national and international data bank, library, archive, laboratory and other required facilities, to participate in national and international activities, to follow the publications and bring these into the Center,
  • With the aim of enlightening and educating public in all areas related with medicine, pharmacology, health law and health policy, to organize continuing educational programs, to publish books, journals and brochures, to organize programs at written and visual media with the aim of providing scientific information to public and create awareness in media,
  • To provide the conversion of the knowledge and results achieved by the research or other activities into scientific publications,
  • To conduct training to researchers, practitioners, public or private sector, health care providers, students who aspire to be informed about the activity areas of the Center or acquire knowledge in their studies related with medicine, pharmacology and health law under the supervision of the Center,
  • To publish a scientific periodical publication in English named as Hacettepe Journal of Health Law & Policy,
  • To conduct other activities that the Board of Management will decide in relation with the aim of the Center.